My work space revamped!

I think this is much, much more better than my old work space. What do you think, guys? Used to have my books arranged in a row on the table, now I divided them into two sections so I have more center space for the laptop. At the right side, I have stacked some of my old and current planners too. The current planner I have is actually a DIY. I shall blog about that very soon. The calendar was sorta divided into two, too. I just kinda felt like having more center spaces. I have this cut-out piece from a magazine. It says PIT STOP. It’s there to remind me of when I finally need to take a break or when I’m stressed out with something. Oh, and I finally thought of something for that pink board!! It used to be a mirror and I just added a pink gift wrapper to make a board. If you saw my old posts about my study area, you’ll notice how empty that pink board was, but here it is now! Ta-da! It functions as a paper holder, btw. I made three compartments for it. One for the stickers (top), for papers (middle), and for envelopes (bottom). Everything in this board is pretty much recycled. From the post-its and other papers.

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